Sarah works along side many large companies either through sponsorship, ambassadorships, or simply brand promotion, Sarah takes a great deal of pride in who she affiliates herself with, only agreeing to promote brands she uses and believes in. Do you want to work with Iso100 Photography?


Sarah is a passionate ambassador for Lee Filters. Simply because Lee do not compromise on quality, their filters are all hand crafted and go through rigorous testing to ensure each filter is of the highest possible quality. After years of use, Sarah stands by the fact that Lee offer the finest quality filters on the market. Proud to have the support of Lee Filters, Sarah personally uses:

LEE SW150 mkII system:

  • SW150 Neutral Density Graduated (both Soft & Hard – 0.3, 0.6 & 0.9) Resin
  • Sw150 0.9 ND
  • SW150 CLP
  • SW150 Little Stopper (6 Stop)
  • SW150 Big Stopper (10 Stop)
  • SW150 Super Stopper (15 Stop)

LEE 100mm system:

  • Neutral Density Standard 100mm (0.6 & 0.9) Pro Glass
  • Neutral Density Graduated 150mm (both Soft & Hard – 0.3, 0.6 & 0.9) Resin
  • Landscape Circular Polariser 105mm
  • Little Stopper 100 x 100mm (6 Stop)
  • Big Stopper 100 x 100mm (10 Stop)
  • Super Stopper 100 x 100mm (15 Stop)

This is Sarah’s kit for Landscape & Long Exposure, and with these filters, she has continued to produce stunning work without compromise. For information on how to use LEE Filters, or any further questions you can reach her via social media channels, or email.


Sarah is proud to announce the support of Nikon Australia as of 2015, Sarah will be working with Nikon Australia ongoing throughout her photographic career. As an avid user of the brand right from the start, Sarah could not be happier to work along side, and have the full support of the world’s leading camera brand.



F-stop gear brings us premium camera bags and packs for the serious outdoor adventure photographer… Sarah is thrilled to be part of this team of world wide photographers, and better yet, one of the very few successful lady photogs in this field! Great images don’t create themselves. F-stop believe your camera bag should assist you in getting the perfect shot – not hold you back. Whether you’re shooting downtown or deep in the backcountry, we build each one to get you and your gear there safely and efficiently, ready to focus on the image.


Mons Royale is a staple in Sarah’s signature look, in working with Mons Royale, these garments have become her go-to for technical base layers and merino garments that stand the test of time, as well as looking the part. Mons Royale creates more versatile merino, combining technical performance with style to make it wearable on or off the mountain.


A staple in Sarah’s signature look. Extreme sunglasses for extreme situations. If the Spy Happy Lens isn’t the best sunglass experience you’ve had, we will refund your money, no questions asked.




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