Photo by Steven Spurrier

Photo by Steven Spurrier




Book yours today and let Sarah progress your photography to that new level you’ve been chasing!

Iso100 workshops consist of:
  • Introduction to the basic fundamentals of photography
  • Understanding how ISO, shutter speed & aperture work together
  • Shooting in ‘manual’ mode
  • Understanding exposure
  • Understanding composition and framing basics
  • Understanding focal points / lengths
  • Understanding depth of field
  • How to correctly use LEE Filters
  • Post processing techniques to take your work to the next level
  • Social media coaching and growing your online following

Sarah offers custom ‘one-on-one’ or group workshops in Melbourne & abroad. With preference to ‘one-on-one’ as to attend to the individual needs of her clients, completely ensuring they leave the workshop having the best possible learning experience. Sarah demonstrates throughout the workshops, working alongside her clients to explain the entire process in an ‘easy to comprehend’ manner and answering any and all questions that arise along the way. Ensuring her clients come away with a thorough understanding of how to achieve their desired method of photography, and a set of shots they are proud to show off!

EXTRAS INCLUDED: Through her sponsorship with LEE Filters, Sarah offers her participants the unique opportunity of the use of a full set of LEE Filters during the workshops making Sarah’s workshops quite exclusive with guaranteed hands on exposure and experience with these products. As an official LEE Filters ambassador, Sarah will ensure you understand the correct use of these filters, avoiding the many common mistakes made.

POST PROCESSING: Ever feel like your images lack that real pop after you process them? For those wanting to go that one step further, Sarah also offers private post-processing technique workshops for those clients looking to achieve maximum results in their photography. Sarah demonstrates her techniques and workflow using Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Photoshop & the NIK Collection. Sarah can show you how to give your images that pop you’ve been wanting!



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Sophie Harrison: My session with Sarah was nothing short of brilliant. She was so attentive, friendly and knowledgeable, she knew the answers to my endless questions and always kept the workshop light and fun. I came away having well expanded my knowledge of my camera, my filters, how to take WAY better photos, as well as how to process my images taking them to a whole new level… I have already booked in another session, I honestly couldn’t recommend Sarah’s workshops more highly to anyone wanting to learn, especially from one of Australia’s best landscape photographers.


Igli Kocibelli: I found Sarah Hatton to be very knowledgeable and professional with excellent communication skills. What impressed me the most about her workshop was the flow of it and how easy it was to follow. Sarah explained the everything step by step and in detail from how to use Lee filters efficiently, to how to post process with less amount of time using different techniques. I highly recommend her workshops to amateur and professional photographers starting out as landscape photographers.


Greg Blair: I recently undertook a one-on-one “Sunset and Post processing” tutorial with Sarah, and it would be one of the best investments I have made with regards to my photography. Sarah showed me many tricks and tips about various styles, compositions, use of filters and how to change settings to make my camera easier to use. The post processing part of the tutorial was even better as she showed me how to take my images from “nice” to “wow” in just a few steps. I was very impressed with Sarah’s ability to share her knowledge, experience and her easy teaching style – highly recommended.


James Unthank: Sarah’s passion and excitement for what she does is infectious and makes for such a fun learning environment to be in. You can’t beat being taught hands on in the outdoors from one of the best in the business. My post processing session was really helpful and have seen great improvement in my shots from the editing techniques I learnt alone. I’d recommend booking a session to any photography enthusiast wanting to take their skills to the next level.


Jamie Newton Kemp: I have done a work shop with Sarah and it was nothing short of fantastic, she managed to teach me so much with out making it feel like boring old school lesson, teaching me more in my work shop then I had learned in many years of photography study at high school, if you’re wanting to learn how to improve you photography I couldn’t recommend doing a workshop with Sarah more highly! I will be investing in more workshops in the future that’s for sure.


Daniel Tee: I did a workshop in Melbourne with Sarah. All i can say is everything was perfect… Sarah was so easy to talk to and answered all the questions i asked her and was a fantastic mentor. She followed up my emails and i still text / email her questions that i have to this day. Would definitely recommend and the shots speak for themselves! All in all, an amazing experience, i am very very satisfied with the end shots.


Sue Hall: I’ve completed two workshops with Sarah. Sarah drove to meet me at the Twelve Apostles then taught me how to shoot in manual, introduced me to the amazing world of LEE Filters and then went through a post processing lesson which was an eye opener. Sarah has taken my photography to another level! She has a down to earth manner and explains things in such a way that they are easy to remember. Her follow up is amazing and I will be going back for a third session.


Sue Adorjan: If you’re a new beginner to the camera world or need a refresher – I recommend Sarah’s workshops. I fell in love with the use of grad filters, and going Manual is not scary! I had learnt a lot! Sooooo give Sarah a call!


Marianne Dritsas Adkins: This afternoon I had the opportunity to do a workshop with one of the most talented young photographers! I want to say a big thank you to Sarah aka @iso100_photography!! If your ever wanting a workshop beginner or middle of the road like me I highly recommend you get in touch with her. She dedicates herself 100% to you & your learning. No question is too stupid. She makes you feel so at ease, like an old friend. She brought along her amazing lee filters and let me have at it! I took some of my best images to date with her!


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