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Meet Sarah Hatton; a passionate, driven landscape, outdoor & adventure photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Never content on sitting still, Sarah pushes the limits on the progression of her photographic work… Ever keen to explore, packing in as much as she can into an image and moving herself into different aspects of landscape photography. Sarah is one of Australia’s leading female landscape photographers, and her support within the photography & outdoor lifestyle industry is clear, with sponsorships from big industry names such as LEE Filters, Nikon Australia, The North Face AU, F-Stop Gear, Mons Royale & Spy Optics.

The core of Sarah’s hectic schedule is hosting her signature Iso100 Photography workshops to some of the worlds most spectacular photography adventure destinations such as Patagonia, New Zealand, & Canada. Passionate about delivering a punchy workshop to happy clients, Sarah ensures her participants walk away from with not only the best possible photography workshop experience, but a series of shots anyone would be thrilled to show off & a set of sharpened photography skills for the classroom and in the field… This is not just on an international scale; when at home, Sarah holds custom workshops in the Melbourne and surrounding area, set in a professional yet relaxed atmosphere among many of Melbourne’s best shooting spots on a regular basis.

Between this relentlessly busy schedule, Sarah does commercial tourism photography & destination marketing for international tourism bodies, as well as brand marketing and digital content creation for brands – for more information, see Iso100 Photography’s services.

Inspired by nature, and fuelled by the fires of creative endeavour, Sarah is ever-searching for that next level in her photographic work. Having undertaken study in Graphic Design & Photography at Monash University in Melbourne, Sarah is constantly using this industry knowledge to expand into different areas of the creative world. Dedicated to furthering her skillset and knowledge in the field, she draws on inspiration from nature and the raw landscapes she lives to seek.

Sarah’s signature is her stunning landscape & long exposure work; The locations she explores are her playground, where she turns minutes into moments through her signature use of Iso100 to slow the passing of time. The talent & passion Sarah has for her craft shines through not only in her positive attitude, but in her inspiring photography work and willingness to help others grow on their own photography journey.

Join one of Australia’s best female landscape photographers on a signature Iso100 Photography Workshop!


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  • Social Media Marketing
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  • Content/media solutions for brands
  • Image Licensing
  • Prints: Prints, canvases, rolled prints, phototex & more
  • Landscape & Long Exposure photography
  • Product photography
  • Automotive photography

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